1818 Eldridge Road
Sugar Land, TX 77478


"No improvement needed, couldn’t have asked for more for my husband’s funeral. Exceeded all expectations! Went above and beyond to get my husband to KY for visitation and funeral services even with the flooding from Harvey. "

S. Williams | 2018

Sugar Land Mortuary Registry Book

"Outstanding Elegant, its perfection."

J. Griffis | 2018

"These few basic questions hardly do justice to convey the exemplary service my family and I received following the death of my husband. The professionalism of all staff we encountered was stellar. Combined with the compassion and willingness to accommodate request that we were shown, it makes this difficult experience much less stressful. You have and deserve our sincere gratitude."

Crouch | 2018

"You were the best! Into action with all. Funeral home was wonderful. Deeply appreciated."

Harms | 2018

"Professional but also personable, exquisite but comfortable. The most beautiful facility I’ve ever seen. Staff was attentive and professional."

C. Walker | 2018

"Continue to serve the families as you have shown. It does separate you from other. "

R. Garza | 2018

"Everything was spectacular! Thank you again!"

M. Hosseini | 2018

"Perfect all around"

S. Herman | 2018

"Very organized and furnished"

A. Sannoh | 2018

"I just wanted to send a personal note of thanks to all of you. You were so gracious and kind to my family during the very difficult time and we are forever grateful to you. We appreciate your generosity and support and I know my daddy was smiling down on how beautify his service flowed."

A. Sengal | 2017

"We were not rushed everyone was kind and loving. The service and flowers were beautiful and the personal touch of bringing a loved one remains and flowers to my home was greatly appreciated. Mr. Williams was very warm. He was able to give me a sense of peace that my loved one would be laid to rest in a manner that was pleasing to me."

F. Hollinsworth | 2017

"To the entire staff, thank you so much during our time of sadness and grief. You left no stone unturned."

M. Coverson | 2017

"Very knowledgeable, Superb, all staff encountered were wonderful, very pleased with my father’s arrangements, beautiful facility, very elegant nothing but the best for my father. Donnell and staff were exceptional from beginning to end of the services for my father."

K. Waller | 2017

"Everyone at Sugar Land Mortuary was kind and was very helpful during the process. Mr. Williams was very helpful and not rushing."

J. Scott | 2017

"Professional and yet personable. Even at 90 you highlighted my Aunts’ beauty. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks for the gift basket."

L. Edwards | 2017

"Everything related to my sister service was done with perfection! I thank you and your wonderful staff for one again meeting my needs and exceeding my expectations beyond my dreams."

J. Dillingham | 2017

"Thank you so much for a great funeral. You all really made the family very welcomed and guest."

P. Whitaker | 2017

"Yesterday was beautiful. My vision of the day came to life. Happiness and sadness with ethereal music and perfectly chosen words were surrounded by the most perfect setting as provided by Mr. Williams and all of you at SLM. Mickey would have loved each & every detail. I am so very thankful for the tribute you all helped me achieve for my husband. With deep appreciation."

A. LeMaistre | 2017

"With sincere gratitude, thank you for providing a beautiful memorial service for my husband. I got so many compliments and I was extremely pleased with the warm staff, flowers and the extra effort in the Venezuelan corner. "

K. Sharp | 2017

"Your Support help and attention to detail has been un-replaceable. We could not have made it through this difficult time without you. "

A. Byrd | 2017

"Thank you for assisting me in matters related to my husband’s death. Your kindness is very much appreciated."

T. Riddle | 2017

"Very consistent from beginning, outstanding! SLM’s professionalism is exemplary! You provided quality service to your customers. Don’t change."

D. Jones | 2017

"Very Classy, no improvement necessary."

J. Dunford | 2017

"Very professional, serene, clean & great ambience. Your package was the selling point. Yet, you were worth every dollar of it. Thanks for the cookies."

C. Obasi | June 2016

"From our first call to your mortuary, you gave our family a sense of calmness. Thanks to you and your amazing staff for guiding us through this difficult process. The loving spirit we experienced at your mortuary will never be forgotten."

L. Reed | May 2016

"Professional. Wonderful Experience."

C. Glasser | May 2016

"Wonderful experience at Sugar land Mortuary. Outstanding service and staff was so professional. Best funeral service I’ve ever been to. All my guest[s] were satisfied."

A. Bailey | April 2016

"Just want to say thank you for your services in caring for my brother’s homegoing. Everything was beautiful. There is nothing to improve; the whole staff is great and very caring. Love all of you"

D. Ray | April 2016

"Thanks to you and your staff for making Danny L. Crout Sr.’s Homegoing extra special. You made the Crout family feel as if they were on top of the world. And thank you for the gift. We will always appreciate the way things were handled."

J. Crout | March 2016

"The facility is beautiful, but your strong point is your professional staff."

C. Baker | March 2016

"Just do what you are doing; do not change. Even though my parents passed, you still cared for them. You referred to them as human beings not just a body, and for that, I thank you so much."

I Velez-Vega | March 2016

"Thank you so much for all that you did for my mother and my family. Although your work comes with great rewards of comforting to those in need, it must be difficult to see so much sadness. You brought us so much comfort and eased our pain. Thank you so much for your timeless service, impeccable professionalism and enduring kindness. You handled my mother from start to finish with respect and dignity. Thank you!!Thank you!! Special thanks to Donnell for all the arrangements and to John and Jackie the day of the service. They were all outstanding."

T. Hasworth | March 2016

"On behalf of the Espiritu family, we wish to extend our sincerest thanks for your facility’s care and attention rendered during my father-in-laws funeral service! The place was/is exquisite projecting an ambiance of both “class” and “accommodating.” We were especially impressed with the service provided. During the set up and throughout the duration of the program, the service was top notch. I love how your staff’s attitude was always, “How can we help? Your funeral director especially was always present never leaving our side and promptly catering to every request we had. We appreciate the attention to details without prodding (i.e. Valet parking) which enabled us to focus on our guest, the program and the grieving process. Your staff made it easier for us during a difficult time and for this we are eternally grateful. Thank you again."

B. Espiritu | February 2016

"During the most stressful time in our life, the Bush family received the best service from Mr. Williams & Ms. Wykoff, and we are forever grateful."

J. Bush | February 2016

"I received numerous positive comments about the service. Very impressive facility."

A. Rodriguez | February 2016

"You guys were great in all aspects of the service. My aunt held her service there two weeks after ours."

G. Madera | January 2016

"I especially loved the “Harp”. It was a real delight; helped to set the atmosphere. Please keep my family (especially me) in your prayers."

P. Southern | December 2015

"My son was uneasy getting out of the car, but when he saw everything, he said it was perfect. Everyone was pleased with the service and staff!! Mr. Williams was extremely caring and helped me calm down, especially after Kindred Hospital was totally insensitive."

B. Hartsfield | December 2015

"Top-notched and excellent in all categories. Thank you for supporting my family. The service and preparation were flawless. Again, Thank You."

V. McIntyre | December 2015

"Thanks for making everything so easy, professional and beautiful at a very difficult time."

H. Khera | December 2015

"We enjoyed the refreshments. The video was excellent. Thank you very much with love."

M. Wagner | November 2015

"I wanted to thank the entire staff for all of the support and patience you all showed during my nephew’s funeral. You were all so gracious and kind during a time when we were at our lowest point. May God continue to bless all of you as you walk with other families."

K. Mouisst | November 2015

"No need to improve anything you. Your staff did a wonderful job. I thank you very much for all the work you put in to make my husband’s farewell easy for me."

M. Hill | October 2015

"You are the best I have ever seen!! Keep it up. Thanks! Your staff made the process so much easier. Thanks so much! We are so forever thankful."

V. Sharp | October 2015

"I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your entire staff at Sugar Land Mortuary. You all were incredibly professional and attended to every little detail of our father's funeral service. It is still amazing to me that you were able to capture all of our wishes, timelines, and requests (even when they were made in passing), in such a short period of time. My father's funeral service was beautiful and exactly what he would have wanted and my mother could not have been more pleased and comforted by the perfect tribute. I know that you all take pride in your work, but I couldn't emphasize enough how important it is what you do in helping families honor their relatives and leaving them with very positive final memories. On behalf of my family, we thank you and are so appreciative to have had the good fortune of finding your funeral home."

A. B. Khera | October 2015

"Continue doing what you’re doing. Keep up the great work and the kind hearted manner in dealing with grieving hurting people. Thank you for everything. Aside from Lodis, the two other highlights I loved the best: the memory CD with music and the portrait of my mom."

T. Imani | September 2015

"Donnell was absolutely fantastic! He made a very sad time so much easier for me and my family."

J. Weber | September 2015

"Received many great comments from friends, guest and family about service and facility. Definitely recommend to anyone. Love the personalized service."

S. Tucker | September 2015

"What a wonderful staff and facility. Thank you so very much."

L. Huff | August 2015

"I would personally like to thank you and your staff for making a very sad time in my life easier. My mother, Mrs. Sarah Tillman, was cared for in a very professional manner. Mom had been sick for over two years; the sickness really left its imprint on her body. You prepared her body so that the stress of her sickness was not visible. You made her look like a queen.

There were so many that were helpful. Lodis, Melinda and others made us feel relaxed and attended to the family’s every need. When I saw your facilities I knew it was a place mom would have wanted. It was classic and elegant. Everyone who attended affirmed this fact. Mr. Williams, thank you for your kindness and your words of comfort. The cookies that followed showed that you appreciated our business. I wish you and your family the best, and as you have blessed us may your business prosper. "

D. Fisher | July 2015

"Thank you for all your help with Ginger. We do appreciate what you and your people did! P.S. The cookies were a nice surprise."

J. Meier | July 2015

"Donnell Williams did an excellent job assisting the family. Very pleased with Donnell."

L. Holden | July 2015

"I think all of you are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for taking such good care of us. You will be remembered the rest of our lives for helping us get through such a sad and difficult time. Phil loved all of you very much."

B. Lineberger | July 2015

"The services are excellent. No more room for improvement."

M. Verdadeu | July 2015

"You are perfect. Very friendly service and good customer service."

R. Koshkarly | June 2015

"Wow. Words are not enough to show our appreciation for all that you have done for us. Your professionalism and attention to detail during the service made a huge difference in ensuring our pops was taken care of, and for that we will be always grateful. Donnell, thank you for personally taking care of all the little details. You are in a tough industry and your integrity and compassion shine through. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will never be forgotten. Everyone was so impressed with your services. "

G. Madera | June 2015

"Keep up the good work. Great all the way around! We received excellent service. Thank you for all you have done for our family."

J. Westmoreland | June 2015

"Continue to have excellent staff. The respect, caring and empathy are essential."

O. Wright | June 2015

"The staff was very nice and amicable. I have never been to a mortuary like this. Keep up the good work."

L. Graves | June 2015

"I highly recommend Sugar Land Mortuary to anyone who is in need of such services. In such a difficult time, they made this process very easy for us. They were comforting, respectful, and understanding. They provided efficient and QUALITY service. The facility itself was beautiful and elegant. We worked with Lodis Wykoff and had the best experience. It felt as though they really cared - they kept in touch even after the services were completed. It is definitely the best choice in the area."

T. Thomas | May 2015

"May God bless you as a great representative and as a servant who readily assists his people. You quickly made a commitment to help Reginald Love and Markeisa during their unexpected and shocking loss. Both you and your staff were compassionate and caring---they provided the necessary information this young couple really needed in completing their arrangements. Thanks a lot."

B. Guidry | May 2015

"Just wanted you to know how happy she was with the service & our work. Thank you very much. It's perfect!"

K. Studhalter | March 2015

"Keep doing what you're doing."

P. Sullivan | March 2015

"Keep doing what you're doing."

P. Sullivan | March 2015

"You have set a high standard for other mortuaries to follow. Mr. Ben was really a wonderful gentleman. He made our trip to Hemphill in the rain nice."

C. Trotty | February 2015

"All the staff were very kind and provided excellent service."

J. McNew | February 2015

"Excellent service by all involved with my mom's care. Thanks for your tender care in a difficult time."

J. Knight | January 2015

"Thank you for all you did to ensure my mom's service were superior. Superior Service."

L. Benkley | December 2014

"We are so appreciative! Thank you again. Beautiful facility. Excellent staff. Made a difficult time as pleasant as possible."

N. Adams | December 2014

"Based on the experience I received, and the positive comments from my guests, my overall experience was excellent. When I need these services in the future, Sugar Land Mortuary will be my first choice for assistance.Thank you so much for your assistance."

P. Southern | November 2014

"Outstanding service. You are commended for your professionalism and thoroughness during a very difficult time for our family. Thank you."

A. Brewer | October 2014

"In such a sad time, we cannot express what a wonderful asset Donnell is to your facility. He handled all with professional care and empathy throughout. He made the process as easy as one could without the added stress."

L. Larson | July 2014

"Services were above expectations."

D. Orrange | June 2014

"Maintain and keep up the great job, we were all impressed. The place is worth recommending."

R. Occena | June 2014

"I feel like the staff did everything they could to make things run smoothly. High praise to Donnell. Many thanks to Ms. Martin. You provided a very important service to me Thank you so much."

M. Bookout | May 2014

"Staff was so caring and attentive, we couldn't have asked for better service from anyone."

K. Tubbleville | May 2014

"Everyone we came in contact with at your facility was friendly, helpful, cheerful, even in such a solemn place. It was very comfortable and beautiful. Our room setup was incredible. Thank you. We used your facility when my father passed away in November 2010. There was no question about where we would go when my mother passed away."

C. King | April 2014

"Everything was excellent, and the support and comfort provided during my most difficult time was so appreciated. Continue to shine in the great service your establishment provides."

K. Hughes | February 2014

"Thanks for all your help in our time of need and loss. You all provided a healing and lasting positive memory for our family."

A. Auzenne | February 2014

"Mrs. Boone did an outstanding job of making a very difficult timeframe work for the benefit of my family. She is truly an excellent professional with a family point of view."

R.L.R.  |  August 2011

"There are not words to express my sincere thanks for your service, professionalism, and organization during all of the arrangements for my husband. I felt like you were all there for me."

From Regina…  |  January 2011

"Thank you for all of your help as my husband’s earthly time came to a close. Your staff was charming, warm, insightful, and caring. "

From Joan… | December 2010

"My experience could not have been better. Kathy and all the personnel were exceptional."

From Faye… | October 2010

"Thanks for making the homegoing celebration for my husband a wonderful day my family will never forget. Your mortuary is like no other that I have seen, and your kindness and concern will always be appreciated."

From Sheila… | August 2010

"Excellent service and professionalism."

From Gladys… | August 2010

"My family was exceedingly blessed to be served by Mr. L. Donnell Williams and Sugar Land Mortuary. He and his staff were truly wonderful as we went through a very difficult time. The attentiveness, sensitivity, and care that were extended began with the arrangements and extended to all aspects of the services we received.

Our family member was beautifully presented. The visitation and chapel services were far more than we could have imagined. The facility is exceptional, and the preparations and presentations made for us were truly lovely.

We sincerely appreciate Mr. William and Sugar Land Mortuary."

From Francis... | May 2010

"You run your business with such professionalism, expertise, and style. Your warmth and caring nature will always be remembered and appreciated."

From June… | May 2010

"Thank you for the remarkable service provided. Everything was perfect. Your business is one of a kind."

From Carolyn… | March 2010

"January 27, 2010 I lost my husband. Mr. Williams and the staff of The Sugar Land Mortuary did an awesome job taking care of everything for the Family Night (wake) before the funeral and the funeral service. The embalming was superb! Mr. Williams, the owner knew just the right questions to ask about my husband which made the service simply beautiful. Everyone at the mortuary was professional, organized, understanding, caring, thoughtful, sincere, and very respectful. There were times when I wanted to cry because I had lost my best friend, my husband, but when I would talk to Mr. Williams or Ms. Boone, I felt a peace that comforted me. Their presence or their voices over the phone was comforting all the time. They took care of me as though I was the Queen of England. That was the kind of attention that I received, royal treatment. I felt so important because every time that I called the mortuary, I was given their undivided attention. I highly recommend The Sugar Land Mortuary to every family who experience the lost of a love one. You will be pleased to the utmost!

The facility is stunning and I encourage you to see it for yourself. I cannot describe it in words. You must see it! Get ready for an experience you will never forget. My late husband's family, my family from across the United States, and people from all over Houston are still talking about The Sugar Land Mortuary, the beautiful facility and the royal treatment by the owner Mr. Williams.

The Sugar Land Mortuary rating: (There is none better!)"

From Merita... | February 2010

"I must say that this is an extremely beautiful place. I was impressed on the kindness and professionalism displayed by the staff. The way they treated me and my family was exceptional. Out of all the funeral homes I have ever been to, this is one of the best. So if you are looking for a place of love, respect, and joy for your love one to rest, this is the place to go. Thanks once again!!!"

From Love23... | January 2010

"Joyous Giving thanks you for going above and beyond. You worked within our budget and made everything amazing. We will remember you always."

From Judy… | January 2010